I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. In this short meditation we borrow Ho’oponopono to reconcile ourselves with our bodies, and in particular, our organs. By directing Ho’oponopono to each organ we develop body-awareness, and an appreciation of the bodily functions that go on under the surface of our conscious mind. 

"When we have a scientific understanding of our bodies - the anatomy, physiology, and location of our organs - and when we take the time to place attention on specific organs and intentionally resonate a positive or high frequency vibration toward them using mantra and the emotion of appreciation, we cause a vibrational shift in the water of that organ which will positively affect the overall health of the organ. At the very least we let that part of our physical vehicle know that we are aware of it, and we want it to be happy and healthy. Being a fan of pro-active and preemptive health care, I suggest making this activity a regular feature in your weekly personal practice." - Janie Chandler


Having been a massage therapist and energy medicine practitioner for over 30 years has made me aware of how out-of-touch many of us are with our bodies, particularly our organs and their functions. I have made it a practice to tune in to my physiological organs and bless them with Ho'oponopono, letting them know how grateful I am for their service to the collective.

I hope this meditation serves your body's well-being.