“Choice is a function of awareness”

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

This bundle of three meditations and a Personal Practice Coaching session with Janie will provide you a solid base to launch your journey to self-awareness and greater choice.

Your Inner Sanctuary - These five, 20 minute meditations are designed to take you deep into a meditative state where you'll encounter your Authentic Self in a natural sanctuary within. From that place you'll be better able to access the stillness of mind and relaxation of body that you long for. Beautifully produced, you'll be guided by Janie's soothing voice accompanied by the sounds of nature. Your Inner Sanctuary is a powerful tool for both meditation and relaxation.

Your Extraordinary Chakras - This meditation allows you to transcend your physical body into an awareness of yourself as an energy-being. Calm and balance your nervous system, chakras, and aura, by using breath, focused attention, and the mantra "thank you, I love you". With her soothing and resonant voice, Janie skillfully guides you through this profound experience of your holy energy body.

Bless Your Body with Ho'oponopono - Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. In this short meditation we borrow Ho'oponopono to reconcile ourselves with our bodies, and in particular, our organs. By directing Ho'oponopono to each organ we develop body-awareness, and an appreciation of the bodily functions that go on under the surface of our conscious mind.

Personal Practice Coaching with Janie: "I believe that our greatest privilege is our awareness. With ample awareness comes greater perspective, and freedom from the tyranny of the thought-reaction vortex. I equate awareness with the space between our thoughts; the more space we have the more choice we have. I do not know of a better way to explore and expand that inner space than meditation, and I am very sympathetic to the conundrum many people have when they first begin to sit for meditation and cannot, for the life of them, get their minds to stop chattering long enough to experience the stillness and quietude they are told is in there. “I can’t meditate” are words I often hear, which is generally accompanied by self-judgement as not being good enough, smart enough, or disciplined enough to be capable of meditating. I look forward to helping you establish your committed meditation practice."

Greetings -

I have been an independent spiritual practitioner my entire life, and have had a committed personal practice of contemplation, meditation, and energetic self-care for over 30 years.

I am a strong proponent of guided meditation (also known as guided visualization) for people who are newly launching their meditation practice. Beginning a meditation practice by attempting to jump into deep space without training can be futile, whereas skillful guidance can be a pleasure and a relief.

That's why I've created the meditations Your Inner Sanctuary, Your Extraordinary Chakras, and Blessing Your Organs with Ho'oponopono, and why I treasure my time coaching folks in creating (and committing to) their own personal practice for developing a presence of conscious embodiment.

Meditations can be downloaded to a personal device.

Your Inner Sanctuary

(MP3 Download)

Five 20 minute meditations that take you deep into your inner landscape.

Personal Practice Coaching

(Live online meeting)

Establish your committed meditation practice with guidance and support from Janie.

Your Extraordinary Chakras
(MP3 Download)

A profound experience of your energy body.