These five, 20 minute meditations take the listener deep into a meditative state where they encounter their Authentic Self in a natural sanctuary within. From that place, the listener is better able to access the stillness of mind and relaxation of body that they long for. Beautifully produced, the listener is guided by Janie’s soothing voice accompanied by the sounds of nature. Your Inner Sanctuary is a powerful tool for both meditation and relaxation. (Best listened to using headphones.)

"After 30 years of meditating, I have never experienced a guided meditation that was remotely this good. This stands in a class of it’s own. Masterfully produced, it has a gentle, natural background that supports Janie’s quiet, numinous voice guiding us. It is beautifully done and took me very deep, very quickly. I highly recommend it. Whether or not you meditate, if you are on a spiritual journey, this is well worth checking out.” - KS


This meditation series evolved from my own process of developing an Inner Sanctuary within where I could go to access a deep state of stillness and relaxation. My initial experience of my inner sanctuary began in 1978 as a high school student, inspired by Shakti Gewain and her book Creative Visualization, and steadily evolved over my years as a massage therapist, energy medicine practitioner, student of spirituality, mother and wife.

I sincerely hope this meditation series helps you find the holy within you.